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Diversity & Unconscious Bias in 2015

The world is changing at a blistering pace. Diverse, cross-functional teams with differing perspectives are needed to solve these problems. Left unchecked, our unconscious bias halts the flow of diverse perspectives.

Words like innovation and diversity have never been as widely used as they are now. Google’s Ngram Viewer charts frequencies of any word or short sentence using yearly count of n-grams found in the sources printed between 1800 and 2012.


A collection of resources for understanding unconscious bias and the need for diversity.

So you want to learn about unconscious bias? Start here:

Google Ventures

Google’s Director of People Analytics, Brian Welle, on unconscious bias at work.

OK, Google. How do you make unconscious bias, conscious?

Google: Making the Unconscious Conscious

Bias is everywhere, now how do we manage it?

Managing Bias | Facebook

How can I explain the case for diversity to my boss — what’s the bottom line?

Why Diversity Matters | McKinsey

Let’s say I recruit diverse, highly skilled talent — how do I not screw it up?

Work Rules: Insights from Inside Google That Will Transform How You Live and Lead

Work Rules: Insights from Inside Google That Will Transform How you Live and Lead, by Google’s SVP of People Operations, Lazlo Bock.


A collection of tools to combat bias and promote diversity.

Tired of job ads selling a beer-and-ping-pong fuelled ‘bro’ culture? Try:


Textio helps uncover key phrases in job descriptions and spot gender bias as you type.

Wondering what your own biases are? Check out:

Harvard Implicit Project

Still hungry for more? Read this:

White Paper: Managing Unconscious Bias


A collection of data and commentary on organisations’ diversity reports.

Leading the nation, the White House.

White House Demo Day

Moving the focus over to Silicon Valley, Pinterest’s stats aren’t impressive — but they’re a start:

A More Diverse Pinterest

Pinterest’s diversity stats.

Microsoft’s stats are akin to CEO Satya Nadella’s gaffe earlier this year: they won’t be winning any awards for diversity.

Microsoft Reveals Grim Diversity Stats

Twitter‘s committed to a ‘more diverse Twitter’, but their efforts are undermined by a gender discrimination suit & a frat party in poor taste.

We’re Committing to a More Diverse Twitter

Twitter’s diversity data.

Slack has issued one of the more eloquent arguments for promoting diversity, as well as making the case for startups to prioritise diversity early.

Inclusion and Diversity at Slack

Slack’s diversity statistics.

Google, while slow to the party on publishing diversity numbers, has made a significant effort towards the practice of transparency (other tech co’s would do well to follow suit).

Getting to Work on Diversity at Google

Apple’s corporate line on inclusion is unsurprisingly polished and on-brand: it’s inspiring.

Apple: Inclusion Inspires Innovation

Tech giant Yahoo uses it’s product focus as a strong case for needing a diverse workforce, but, like its competitors, Yahoo still has work to do in the diversity department.

Yahoo 2015 Workforce Diversity

LinkedIn takes the cake for ‘most improved’ and ‘best in class.’ One to watch.

LinkedIn’s 2015 Workforce Diversity

LinkedIn’s diversity stats.

Pandora‘s diversity microsite smartly touts employee benefits beyond ping pong & beer in hopes to expand their talent pool.

Diversity at Pandora

Pandora’s diversity stats.

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sydney via seattle. believer. growth @futuresuper. ex strategy @forthepeopleau. experimenting with writing.

sydney via seattle. believer. growth @futuresuper. ex strategy @forthepeopleau. experimenting with writing.