From Googling “Brand Architecture” to Believing in Branding

Actual footage of me Googling brand architecture before my first brand project.
I started a list of the jargon that contributed to my (previous) hatred of branding.
You’re welcome.

Falling in Love with Branding: A Crash Course

Believing in brands: A New Perspective

“Though some observations may seem esoteric, it’s inevitable that our ideas about who we are and how we relate to the universe help us decide between Patagonia and Prada when we shop.” — Debbie Millman

What do you believe?
Brands help us decide whether or not we belong.

“Psychologists such as Harry Harlow and John Bowlby have proven that humans feel happier and better about themselves that humans feel happier and better about themselves when our brains resonate with those of other like-minded humans. Perhaps our motivation to brand, and to be branded, comes from our hardwired instinct to connect.” — Debbie Millman

Brand strategist as….anthropologist?

“What I really, hugely, and antagonistically dislike is the attempt to quantify the unquantifiable. And if you are a branding consultant, you have to accept that there are a lot of things you just cannot quantify.” Wally Olins

Where to, from here?

“Branding is a process of meaning manufacture that begins with the biggest, boldest gestures of the corporation and works its way down to the tiniest gestures. This is one of the reasons that design matters.” Grant McCracken



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